Next event - Coming Soon!

Next Event - Coming Soon!

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If you didn't see your city listed, please tell us! Just fill in your e-mail address in the box to the right to get started. We'll ask for a few vitals, including your city, which will help us in planning future Events near you. Best of all, you'll receive free admission to your first event - and so will your friends when they sign up!

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Why are our events so popular?

  • Because we enforce our 21-39 age policy (translation: women, no more men your father's age hitting on you!).
  • Because we reserve locations exclusively for our young Jewish professional crowd and choose only the hippest venues.
  • Because we get the best DJs (and sometimes live bands) for our club events.
  • Because while the music is great to dance to, we make sure that it is never so loud that you cannot talk.
  • Because we keep the geek factor to a minimum and enforce our dress code. (sorry, no jeans, sneakers, baseball caps, etc)